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The new 2015 Department of Energy will require higher energy ratings on residential gas, electric, and oil fired water heaters. This will impact how water heaters are designed, manufactured, distributed, and installed.

Are there known changes?

The effect of the new requirements will vary depending on the fuel source and volume of the water heater. These changes may be relatively minor in some cases and more radical on others. At this time, the test procedures for establishing an efficiency rating are being revised, making it a challenge to zero in on the precise effects the new requirements will have on water heaters. Call us today with any questions at 717-328-4444.

Is my water heater affected?

Gas models may require additional insulation, incorporate newer flue baffling technologies (including flue dampers), incorporate electronic ignition in lieu of the standing pilot, or any combination of these. One likely impact will be an increase in the overall product size. Electric water heaters will likely require more insulation. This will increase the diameter and/or height of the water heater.  Call us today with any questions at 717-328-4444.

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NEW 2015 water heater standards